Most leaders in small and mid-sized businesses are familiar with the standard way of handling HR. Some spend dozens of hours per week doing it themselves. Others employ a small team of employees who are dedicated, but simply unable to provide all the expertise needed to optimize benefits and avoid liability.

No matter what the disadvantages of the old way are, we understand doing things in a completely different way leads to many questions, and maybe even a large dose of apprehension. We know you need to know how it all works. The good news is, it’s simple for you and a huge benefit for your business.

The Process


Schedule a Free Consultation

We’ll begin with a discussion of your current situation and develop a proposal for services which fits your organization.


Approve Your Plan

Together, we’ll firm up the details of the approaches outlined in our proposal. When we’re finished with this step, you’ll have a plan that reduces your potential liabilities and ensures ongoing compliance with new regulations.


Our Team Becomes Your Team

Once you’re a client, we essentially become your HR Department. As the employer of record for your workforce, we become their point of contact for HR issues, freeing your leadership team to focus on running the business.

Every time you need advice or an employee needs help, you’ll be served by an expert in the particular aspect of HR that’s being addressed. We also have a strong belief in cross-training, so everyone on our team is familiar with the issues and best practices in other areas of expertise.

We’ll begin by onboarding all your employees into their new benefits and payroll system, accessed through a user friendly portal. As we move forward together, we’ll implement the policies, procedures and training to ensure you’re protected, including safety programs for your workforce. We’ll keep an eye out for internal issues (potential liabilities, safety issues) and external ones, such as changing regulations. That way, you’re protected, in the loop, and focused on what you do best.


Enjoy Hassle-free HR

With your new HR team, StaffScapes, taking care of the paperwork and watching out for issues, you’ll have complete peace of mind. Everything from verifying references to tax filings to exit interviews will be on our plate, not yours. We’ll continue to be a partner and resource, keeping you updated, protected, and focused on building your business.

Get Started

Studies of Bureau of Labor Statistics data and employee surveys show companies which outsource their HR to an organization like StaffScapes experience reduced turnover, increased growth and higher levels of employee trust and confidence. That’s why 98% of small business owners who use a PEO would recommend it to a small business colleague.

The journey to reach these benefits and more begins with one simple step: Get in touch with us to schedule a free consultation. Together we’ll see how StaffScapes can create and implement a plan that works for your unique company.