Why StaffScapes

Nothing in your business is as important as your people, but building and leading a team brings challenges. We help you meet the challenges in HR by helping you provide excellent (and affordable) benefits, manage risk, and by handling workers comp and complete payroll processing. That lets you increase profitability, maximize productivity, reduce time spent on transactional HR activities, reduce employment-related liability, and ultimately lower labor costs, while boosting morale at work, and improving employee satisfaction and retention.



Recruit and retain better (and happier) employees by offering better benefits. We know the market for great plans designed for smaller businesses, allowing you to offer superior plans and leave the administrative difficulties to us. Continue Reading About People



With StaffScapes as a partner, you have lower turnover, less risk of legal hassles, less overhead, lower insurance costs, and more time to focus on core competencies, all of which have a positive impact on your bottom line. Continue Reading About Profit



We help you establish the best policies, procedures and workplace training to protect your business from harassment and discrimination claims, as well as assessing workplace safety risks. And if legal troubles do arise, we’ll provide the information and advice you need for a successful defense. Continue Reading About Protection


Hassle-free HR

We’ll continue to be a partner and resource, keeping you updated, protected, and focused on building your business. Continue Reading About Hassle-free HR

The Path to Hassle-Free HR


Schedule a Free Consultation

We’ll begin with a discussion of your current situation and develop a proposal for services which make sense for your organization.


Approve Your Plan

Together, we’ll firm up the details of the approaches outlined in our proposal. When we’re finished with this step, you’ll have a plan that reduces your potential liabilities and ensures ongoing compliance with new regulations.


Choose Payroll and Benefits

We’ll be able to provide you with choices among the best plans designed for smaller businesses, and set up payroll that covers everything from onboarding to federal reporting.


Identify and Eliminate Risk

We’ll examine where potential vulnerabilities lie and implement the policies, procedures and training to ensure you’re protected, including safety programs for your workforce.

Happy Customers


“StaffScapes has been an invaluable partner in my two businesses. The entire team are great and will do anything in their power to help. Outsourcing our HR to StaffScapes has been a great business decision to allow our team to focus on what we do best.”-Marc Beacom


“Staffscapes is an excellent PEO company to work with. We became a Staffscapes client approximately 3 years ago. We had been with 3 other HR companies when the team at Staffscapes wowed us with their package offer. We could not be happier that we made the switch. As with any new business relationship it took time to build our routines together. However, our working relationship is now amazing and the entire team at Staffscapes strives every day to take care of us in a quick and professional manner. Their willingness to answer any question and resolve any concern is above and beyond what one might expect to receive. A special shout out to Andrea Rohman for all her hard work and diligence in caring for our employees!!”-Bobbie Story

PEOs Give Freedom

Staffscapes Outsourcing Solutions

HR Services

Reduce legal liability and insurance costs by partnering with our HR experts.



We monitor the constantly shifting state of regulations and ensure you’re notified of changes.



We help you create and implement training programs that keep you out of legal trouble and increase worker safety.



The best way to head off harassment and discrimination claims is with well-crafted policies. Our experts will help you develop and implement them.


Workers' Comp

We not only administer your workers’ compensation insurance, we ensure employees use the safe practices that reduce your risk and premiums.

Benefits & Payroll

Working with StaffScapes on pay and benefit packages is a great way to improve your bottom line and your employees’ lives.



Good benefits lead to great retention, but it can be difficult to find benefits you and your employees can afford. With guidance from the StaffScapes team, you can select from benefits packages tailored toward smaller businesses and we’ll take care of administering the plans, too. Continue Reading About Benefits



No matter what size you business is, save the expense of labor, software, training and overhead while giving your employees easy access via a secure portal. A single system handles everything from W-2 filing to time tracking to direct deposit, with no input from you. You get to keep your current pay dates, and all required payroll reporting is handled by StaffScapes, including state reporting requirements. Continue Reading About Payroll

Helpful HR Resources

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Meet Your HR Team

When you partner with us, we are on “your side of the table,” watching out for your interests so you can build your business.

Meet the Team Our Story

About StaffScapes

Headquartered in Westminster, StaffScapes was founded in 1996 by our President, Jim Thibodeau. Jim’s 20+ years of business experience armed him with a thorough understanding and appreciation of the challenges and realities of small business ownership.

Staffscapes helps businesses in the Metro North area and throughout Colorado navigate the complex landscape of human resource compliance, policies and best practices. We customize our approach to each client’s unique needs, and work with firms that run the gamut of business types, from family-owned service businesses to manufacturers to disaster recovery firms that send employees all over the country.

One of the reasons we love to work with smaller businesses is that we can bring them the benefits of the sizable HR department a large corporation would have. Because HR is all we do, we have experts on staff that can address any issue in this field, from streamlining the employee onboarding process to dealing with OSHA noise requirements.

By working with clients as an integral part of their team, Staffscapes helps them reduce legal liability, reduce costs, keep their focus on their core mission and attract and retain great employees. If you’d like to learn more about the contributions we make in these partnerships, please review some of our case studies or get in touch below for a no-obligation consultation.

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