Bring The Right People On Board With Better Benefits—And Keep Them

With benefits packages by StaffScapes you can make your employers happier, retain them longer, and spend less overall.

Any person involved in a small or mid-sized company has at least one story of an employee that slipped away. Perhaps they couldn’t hire the employee due to the limited benefits package they offered. Or worse, an employee they successfully hired and later left after years of investment because they wanted better benefits.

We can show you how to put the right benefits package in place. With better options, you can attract more top talent and keep them longer. You’ll have fewer headaches, too.

Our Employee Benefits Packages Include:

Major Medical Insurance Programs

Dental Insurance

Vision Insurance

Life Insurance

401(k) Retirement Plan

HRA & HSA Administration

Short-Term Disability

Long-Term Disability

Cafeteria/Sec. 125 plan

The Benefit of Better Benefits

Get Better Options

We’re experts in benefits packages specifically and uniquely tailored toward smaller businesses. With guidance from us, you can choose the plans that work best for your company.

Attract and Retain Talent

The right benefits can dramatically boost your recruiting and retention efforts. Studies show that about 80% of workers would prefer a better benefit package to an increase in salary. Affordable benefit packages are part of the reason businesses have 10-14% lower turnover rate when partnering with a PEO like StaffScapes.

Protect Yourself From Headaches

The work needed just for day-to-day administration of benefit plans can be enormous. Your HR personnel need to deal with determining eligibility, additions and terminations, preventing premium leakage, COBRA, and much more. And if your workforce is large enough, add Affordable Care Act compliance on top of that. We’re experts in compliance and in benefit administration services and can handle all these hassles for you.

Reduce Costs and Grow

Consider what it will mean for your bottom line when it takes less time and effort to recruit and when you lose fewer dollars from turnover. You’ll have more money to boost business growth. Maybe that’s why businesses that partner with a PEO like StaffScapes grow 7-9% faster depending on their industry.