Payroll Done Right

Processing payroll in-house can carry large costs and frustrations. We can handle it for you from beginning to end, saving you money and helping you grow. 

If you’ve grown to the point that complete payroll processing is a drain on your productivity and focus, rely on a team that has been helping businesses grow, thrive and remain secure for over 20 years. At StaffScapes, we’re experts in relieving our clients of the burden of payroll processing. We’ll securely and reliably take care of all processing, filing, and reporting tasks related to payroll administration.

What’s Included In Payroll Outsourcing?

Social Security/FICA

Federal and state withholding tax

Processing and delivery of paychecks

Wage garnishment /child support deductions

Remittance of all payroll taxes

Employee records maintenance

Filing of state and quarterly taxes

Why Outsource Your Payroll?

Time Savings

For small and mid-sized businesses payroll is a one-size-fits-none task. Small business payroll processing takes time and attention away from management tasks; in larger businesses, the greater size increases the cost and hassle. By outsourcing you can cut the time spent on payroll to a minimum.

Overhead Savings

When payroll is done in-house, you have to pay the costs for software, record storage, robust security, and more. Using checks? Add in the cost of printing and distributing them. Using direct deposit? You’ll save overall, but still incur setup costs and other overhead. Outsourcing puts all of those expenses on someone else’s plate.

Savings On Fines

Complying with government regulations is already complex; add in the constant changing state law and compliance can get overwhelming. Outsourcing these tasks to a payroll expert makes errors far less likely, saving you the cost of fines and audits.

Time Saved For Your Employees

If you’re not currently using direct deposit, doing so will save your employees time and effort. Even if you are currently utilizing direct deposit, outsourcing will give your workers access to a secure portal where they can easily access and make changes to their personal information.

Reduced Risk

The task of securing your workforce’s financial data from potential identity theft is becoming more difficult each year. Outsourcing complete payroll processing is like locking your employee data up in a bank; you can ensure a higher level of security at a much lower cost to you.

Total Focus

Payroll administration can be a distraction. For example, if you’re deciding to purchase or upgrade payroll software, wouldn’t you go over the details in multiple meetings first? How much management time, employee training, and new investment will be needed to put your firm in compliance with Colorado’s new Personal Identifying Information law? With outsourcing, someone whose career is spent tackling those issues will focus on them, and you’ll be focused on growing your business.

Why Outsource Your Payroll to StaffScapes?

We’ve seen how outsourcing makes sense, so why outsource with StaffScapes?

The Right Size

When you choose an outsourcing company, your typical options will be a local bookkeeper, accounting firm or a large national payroll provider. Your accountant will be knowledgeable, but unable to offer you the full suite of HR options. With a large payroll processor, you can get lost in the crowd and receive one-size-fits-all solutions. StaffScapes is a happy medium with a wide range of services and the personal attention you need.

A Single, Flexible System

A single secure system handles everything from W-2 filing to time tracking to direct deposit, with no input from you. You get to keep your current pay dates, and all required payroll reporting is handled by StaffScapes, including state reporting requirements.

The Total Package

We can deliver far more than just payroll processing services. You’ll be able to rely on StaffScapes for the entire spectrum of HR services and guidance, from providing employee benefit packages to training and risk management. That kind of partnership lowers turnover, increases growth, and allows you to focus even more on your own areas of expertise.

Best of all, assisting you in all HR areas will allow us to see the big picture when it comes to your workforce. Any recommendations we make will be informed by this, giving you better guidance. We don’t want to be just a vendor, but an important partner.