Build the Right Foundation for Your Business

Few processes in business are as challenging as developing the policies for your workforce relations. We can help you develop and implement policies that promote fairness and protect your business.

Policies and Procedures

Creating policies and procedures that are the right fit for your company can be very challenging and time-consuming, and mistakes carry high consequences. To get it right, you’ll need the expertise to effectively handle conflict resolution, employment termination, and other sensitive workplace issues. These are issues even the wisest leaders struggle with, and putting it all down on paper in a way that every employee can understand and act on fairly adds another layer of difficulty.

Human resources is our total focus, and we’ve been helping Colorado companies create policies that protect them and their workers for over 20 years. We can combine best practices with careful listening and customization to develop the optimal policies for you.

What’s Included In Policies & Procedures?

Employee Handbook Design and Delivery

Job Description Development

Policy & Procedure Compliance Support

Job Performance Evaluation And Design

Our Policy & Procedure Solutions

Employee Handbook Design and Delivery

Your handbook is an indispensable tool for ensuring policies and procedures are understood and followed. We can create one that not only fits your unique company, but has what every good employee handbook needs. We’ll deliver content that is precise, but addresses a variety of possible situations, written in a constructive, professional tone.

Job Description Development

A job description can affect everything from your ability to recruit to employee performance and potential legal liability. We’ll ensure each job has a description that is clear, comprehensive and accurate.

Policy & Procedure Compliance Support

We’ll ensure your policies are in full compliance with government regulations and continue to remain so. We can also help you keep your workforce in compliance with your policies by providing training and HR administration that keep everyone informed and accountable.

Job Performance Evaluation And Design

You can’t improve what you don’t measure, so we’ll help you design effective and relevant performance metrics and processes. These processes will not only help your employees improve, but keep them motivated to do so.

Why Bring StaffScapes in for Policy & Procedure Support?

Bringing StaffScapes on as your partner in policy development will allow you to do the following:

Communicate Standards Clearly

Your workforce will know exactly what’s expected of them and how to remedy any problems. Clarity will protect them and you.

Reduce Potential Liability

When policies are clear, procedures fall in line with them, and enforcement is even-handed, your company and individual workforce are safer. Putting the right policies in place will reduce the potential for lawsuits as well as making a defense far more effective if one is filed.

Know Where You Are And Where You Can Go

With correct policies, comprehensive job descriptions, and the right evaluation process, you and your workforce will know the lay of the land, what needs to change, and what can be achieved.

Inspire Your Team

The right performance metrics will not just tell your employees how they’re doing, they will inspire them to achieve more. If they know where they are and the potential that lays ahead, they will see where they can climb to.

Maintain Your Focus

If we handle the herculean task of developing detailed company-wide policies, you’ll be able to keep your eye on the aspects of your business you handle best.