Protection: How to Keep Your Business Compliant

Partnering with StaffScapes will secure your company against avoidable losses and compliance hassles.

Legal liability, regulatory noncompliance, injury risk and even brain drain from the departure of dissatisfied employees are common stressors that hold too many businesses back. A partnership with StaffScapes can bring you hassle-free protection in each of these areas.

Compliance & Liability

Are you staying current and compliant with local, state, and federal requirements regarding things like tax payments and employee relations? With numerous levels of government and constant change, knowing the regulatory landscape can be a full-time job in and of itself.

StaffScapes will help ensure that your procedures are in line with legal requirements. We will proactively notify you of any changes that could impact you and your business. In fact, we’ve often heard from our clients that we’d informed them of regulatory developments, trends, and changes that impacted their business long before they heard about it through other channels.

Are you confident that you and your business assets are protected from litigation or government enforcement? Our team of licensed and certified professionals specializes in payroll, HR, and insurance. We’ll keep an eye out for potential dangers so you can stay focused on your business.

Employment Best Practices

We go beyond compliance and advise our clients on the latest and best management and leadership practices that not only save them money but also improve and streamline HR functions. Some of these areas include interviewing techniques, boosting team morale at work, internal mentoring and promoting, and employee feedback and reviews.

StaffScapes also works with clients to develop and design policy and procedures manuals that form the basis of consistent communication and enforcement of workplace standards. This not only protects you from legal action; it makes your employees feel valued, making them more loyal and reducing turnover.

We can help ensure you’re protected in every area of employee relations, from screening incoming hires to standing with you in your defense if you’re sued or subjected to a complaint.


    Workplace safety training and compliance are essential to protecting your employees and your assets. They also affect employee morale. We’ll help you ensure you’re fully compliant with all safety regulations, and examine your workers’ comp situation to see if there are ways to reduce your premium costs and/or number of claims.

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