Hassle-Free HR Leads To Impressive Growth For Start Up Firm

Business Type: Promotional incentives and engraving
Location: Broomfield
Employees: 12
Client Since: 2004


This growing client specializes in quality business promotional items and corporate gifts with personal service. They help companies with all kinds of promotion and event needs and offer engraving for plaques, trophies, sports awards, corporate gift awards, trade show giveaways and more.


Josiah grew up watching his parents operate a successful small business. He knew the engraving business and was confident in his abilities. He also knew enough to realize there were certain areas of business management that he was less skilled. Human Resources was one of them. Handling compliance, payroll, benefits and workers’ compensation takes a vast amount of time, and he knew this might be beyond his capabilities. He wanted to operate an efficient business that did things right. After discussing his situation with advisors and researching the options, he found StaffScapes to be his Solution.


StaffScapes helped Josiah start his business off right by making sure he had the tools in place to hire the right people and deal with employee related issues correctly as they occurred. StaffScapes advised the entire management team on workplace safety issues, management training, team building, employee relations and conflict management. As the business grew, StaffScapes helped Josiah offer an enhanced benefit package that allowed him the ability to attract and retain a quality workforce that delivered personalized service. This in turn allowed him to expand and grow as his reputation was built by many satisfied customers.


Today, this little engraving company that started in a family garage is a successful regional company. Josiah sees outsourcing his Human Resources to StaffScapes as one of the factors in this growth. It allowed him and his management team to focus on growing the company and serving their customers well.

Hear It From Our Client

“StaffScapes is top notch. They are truly experts in their field and I trust their guidance and support. Knowing that I have a true partner to help me grow my business is priceless. I can’t even begin to put a number on the countless hours and dollars they have saved me. Whether you are starting a business or have been in business already, you owe it to yourself to call StaffScapes. They will help you succeed!”—Josiah, Company Owner