What’s Included In HR Administrative Relief
  • New Hire Reporting & Enrollment
  • Recordkeeping & Document Retention
  • Background Screening & Drug Testing
  • Garnishment & Support Order Administration
  • Employment Verification
  • Unemployment Filing & Hearing Verification

The daily recordkeeping and other work related to a company’s workforce can be staggering. The larger the company, the greater the HR task load; the smaller the company, the more likely it is that members of the management team will have to take their eye off the ball to attend to HR tasks or make HR policy decisions.

The Solution: StaffScapes

We can take over the daily hassles of human resources administration, freeing you to focus on leading your workforce and growing your business.

How We Help


New Hire Reporting & Enrollment

StaffScapes can handle the avalanche of paperwork and tasks related to a new hire, including all the onboarding and orientation duties.


Recordkeeping & Document Retention

Compliance with the ever-changing requirements of government agencies is one of our specialties, so we can make sure you’re in compliance with all the recordkeeping and retention regs your business is subject to.


Background Screening & Drug Testing

Make sure you know who is coming into your workplace! StaffScapes can design a screening process that meets your company’s needs and handles employment verification as well as pre-employment, post-accident, random and on-site drug testing.


Employment Verification

Checking candidates’ work histories is another way to protect your business. We’ll take care of this important function for you in a thorough and professional manner.


Garnishment & Support Order Administration

When your employee faces garnishment for child support, credit collection, or bankruptcy, you face a compliance nightmare. We can handle every part of garnishment from notifying the employee to deducting the funds, with no hassle for you.


Unemployment Filing & Hearing Verification

Here, we do more than handle the truckload of paperwork. Our experienced staff members will also evaluate the case for appealing claims, act as your representative and (if necessary) review the claim with your management team to prepare for hearings.

Benefits For You

Bringing Staffscapes on as an administrative partner will allow you to do the following:

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    Avoid Government Hassles

    We help you stay in compliance by submitting the right paperwork, conducting the appropriate new hire training and ensuring all records and activities remain in accordance with regulations. That means no worries for you.

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    Protect Your Business and Workforce

    With thorough background checks, drug prevention/testing and full compliance with all regulations and best practices, we’ll help reduce risk for you and your workers. You’ll know your workforce is law-abiding, sober and diligent, and you’ll know the government is satisfied.

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    Maintain Your Focus

    With the HR administrative burden delegated to us, you’ll have less to oversee and fewer distractions. That leaves you free to focus on running your company.

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    Count On Support If Trouble Does Arise

    If you need help defending yourself from an improper unemployment claim or find a government agency knocking on your door, we’ll be on your team, working to defend you.


Get Started

Ready to see what outsourcing your HR administration hassles can do for your business? Schedule a consultation today, and we’ll examine your compliance needs and discuss options.