Workers’ Compensation that Works Better

Providing workers’ compensation coverage is one of the most complex and expensive parts of running a business. We can help you reduce hassles and costs by handling it for you.

Workers’ Compensation

Few business activities create as many headaches as workers’ compensation insurance. Administering your company’s program will be highly complex at best, and the costs and time associated with it can be a major obstacle to profitability.

How can this nightmare be tamed while still giving your workforce the protection they deserve?

When you partner with StaffScapes, our team takes on all the tasks associated with workers’ compensation, from processing premiums to dealing with unjust claims. We not only do the detailed work, we give you the guidance and peace of mind you need.

What’s Included In Workers’ Comp?

Better Insurance Rates

Reduced Or Eliminated Down Payments

Complete Administration

Safety And Risk Management

Our Workers’ Comp Solutions

Better Insurance Rates

Many of our clients initially approached us because they needed to have better control of their workers’ compensation cost. Because this is our area of expertise, we’re often able to obtain workers’ compensation insurance for them at a much better rate than they can on their own.

Reduced or Eliminated Down Payments

If your business is new or you’re switching providers, insurers may require you to make a substantial down payment before they will provide a workers’ comp policy. When you work with StaffScapes, we can reduce or eliminate the down payment required, preventing that sizable dent in your cash flow.

Complete Administration

We’ll handle every aspect of your program. It will be our responsibility to:

  • Remit any and all compensation premiums
  • Handle audits
  • Issue workers’ compensation certificates
  • Process all claims and disputes
  • Eliminate costly prepayments
  • Assume all workers’ compensation liabilities
  • Represent you at all workers’ compensation hearings
  • Aggressively defend you against unjust claims

Safety and Risk Management

Risk management is one of our specialties, so we’ll help you ensure that your exposure is reduced as much as possible. We can also help you with the training and policy development to make your workforce safer and your liability lower.

Why Bring StaffScapes in for Workers’ Comp Support?

Bringing StaffScapes on as a workers’ compensation partner will allow you to do the following:

Reduce Risk

Our comprehensive approach to workers’ comp can reduce your financial risk, but we can also help you reduce physical risks with safety expertise and training.

Improve Cash Flow

With better rates, no prepayments, little or no down payment, and someone in your corner to defend against unjust claims, you’ll have fewer financial headaches.

Maintain Your Focus

It will be our job to do everything from paying the bills to representing you at hearings. That lets you and your team devote more time and energy on activities that grow the business and generate profit.