Streamline Your HR Situation By Outsourcing

Outsourcing your Human Resource work to an experienced partner simplifies one of the most complex and demanding areas of business. Together, we can create a better HR environment, avoid pitfalls, and let you focus on what you do best.

Nothing in your business is as important as your people, but building and leading a team brings challenges. Our outsourced HR Solutions help you increase profitability, maximize productivity, reduce time spent on transactional HR activities, reduce employment-related liability, and ultimately lower labor costs, while boosting morale at work, and improving employee satisfaction and retention.

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Download our detailed guide to learn about the benefits of outsourcing HR tasks, and how it can enhance your business efficiency and employee satisfaction.

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Our HR Outsourcing Solutions

Compliance & Mitigation

Regulatory compliance can be a drain on focus and resources. With help from StaffScapes, compliance and mitigation are made simple.

Training & Education

A proactive training program pays huge dividends, but can be difficult for small companies to launch and maintain. We can help you with training that empowers and protects.

Policies & Procedures

Few processes in business are as challenging as developing the policies for your workforce relations. We can help you develop and implement policies that promote fairness and protect your business.

HR Administrative Relief

HR administration tasks have a way of interrupting the daily focus of an organization’s leaders. We concentrate on HR so you can focus on leading.


Processing payroll in-house can carry large costs and frustrations. We can handle it for you from beginning to end, saving you money and helping you grow.

Workers’ Compensation

Providing workers’ compensation coverage is one of the most complex and expensive parts of running a business. We can help you reduce hassles and costs by handling it for you.

Rules & Regulations

From the FMLA to the IRS to the ADA and beyond, dealing with government agencies, regulations, and rulings can be time-consuming and confusing. With help from StaffScapes, you can stay in compliance and stay focused on what drives success.

Employee Benefits

With benefits packages by StaffScapes, you can make your employees happier, retain them longer, and spend less overall.

What is HR Outsourcing

Human Resources is among the most complex and demanding areas of business. With an outsourcing partner, you can create a better HR environment, avoid pitfalls, and focus on what you do best.