To increase profit, you need either grow your business, reduce costs, or both. Outsourcing your daily HR burdens to StaffScapes can improve both sides of that equation. You will have more time to focus on growing your business and revenue while enjoying significant cost savings.

Increase Revenue and Focus

Turning over non-revenue-generating activities like Human Resources to a trusted partner allows you to zero in on direct revenue drivers such as customer service, accounts receivables, collections, and sales. Clients tell us that outsourcing HR burdens has allowed them to focus on “big picture” activities like strategic planning, product development, team building, professional development, and mentoring—priorities that are critical to long-term success.

Imagine if performing or overseeing HR takes up five hours per week in your schedule and those of your leadership team. What would you do with an extra five hours a week? What would change about your company if you each use that five hours to their full potential?

Reduce Costs & Overhead

Because HR is all we do, we can handle day-to-day HR responsibilities with a high degree of efficiency.

  • Screening, hiring and onboarding new employees
  • Processing payroll and all the related reports and transactions.
  • Creating an optimal benefits package for your employees.
  • Serving as the primary point of contact for employees with questions and concerns regarding their benefits.
  • Advising on tax and compliance issues, and keeping you up to date on new laws and regulations in these areas.
  • Managing unemployment and workers’ compensation claims—reducing time and mitigating costs.

Our experts also are available to advise on tax and compliance issues and can keep you up to date on new laws and regulations in these areas.


StaffScapes Profit Optimization Case Studies

How much money could you save by giving your HR functions to one qualified and trusted adviser—the StaffScapes team? Below are links to case studies of some of our clients. Review one or both and feel free to call us so we can begin a conversation on making your business better.

Hassle-Free HR Makes Patients The Priority

Business Type: Medical Clinic

Profile: This client is a family medical clinic providing care for non-urgent needs on a walk-in basis. The practice was founded by a physician’s assistant with the desire to be compassionate and develop relationships with the patients that needed treatment for everything from the common cold to castings for breaks and fractures.

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Hassle-Free HR Leads To Impressive Growth For Start Up Firm

Business Type: Promotional incentives and engraving

Profile: This growing client specializes in quality business promotional items and corporate gifts with personal service. They help companies with all kinds of promotion and event needs and offer engraving for plaques, trophies, sports awards, corporate gift awards, trade show giveaways and more.

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Engaging A New Workforce and Enabling Focus

Business Type: Real Estate Firm

Profile: This client company deals with various areas of real estate, including developing, leasing, sales, and property management. One area of their practices is turning around failing commercial entities, including small hotels. They step in, purchase the property and rehabilitate the business to the point that it can eventually attract buyers.

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