Franchise Owner Decreases Turnover, Lifts Profits with StaffScapes

Business Type: Franchise Restaurant Chain
Location: Various Locations in Colorado
Employees: 250
Client Since: 2008


Don was the franchisee for a large national restaurant chain, owning six restaurants with around 250 employees.


Employee turnover at the restaurants was considerable. This was not only costly, but affected the restaurants’ daily operations and customer service. Worse, Don was concerned that if a solution could not be found, he was at risk of losing his general managers, who he relied on to run the day-to-day operations of each store. But he simply didn’t have the time or expertise to drill down into the issue on his own.


Don contacted StaffScapes to help him unravel the employee relations and company culture issues that were plaguing each of his stores. StaffScapes began by creating an online onboarding process. By housing everything in one online location, the process was streamlined, costs reduced and miscommunications eliminated. E-verify and a more robust process for ensuring regulatory compliance was implemented.

StaffScapes then turned to the general managers and focused on giving them the right tools and knowledge to further improve the turnover situation.Having StaffScapes as their “HR Department” saved them time and provided them with crucial advice when needed. They were also provided with training that helped them stay in compliance and run their teams more efficiently. StaffScapes also customized the franchise company’s existing employee handbook to address the specific culture, location, and environment of Don’s restaurants.


Implementing E-verify reduced turnover by 50%. The workforce at the restaurants became more stable, happier and more productive. With StaffScapes help, Don’s franchises were also protected against non-compliance fines and potential employee lawsuits.