Knowledge is Power

A proactive workplace training program pays huge dividends, but can be difficult for small companies to launch and maintain. We can help you with training that empowers and protects.

Training and Education

A diverse and well-run training program is something no firm can do without, but it can be far too much for a small or midsize business to juggle. Creating training materials can be a major expense; record keeping, course development, and the training itself can be immensely time-consuming. Moreover, the broad range of subjects that must be covered even at a small firm requires your HR staff to be “jacks of all trades”.

In short, training is often required, always a benefit, but very difficult to handle well. Our staff can help you create and administer a proactive training program that brings you return on your investment and gives your employees professional development which benefits them and you.

What’s Included In Training & Education

HR Consultation & Training

Harassment & Discrimination Prevention

Government Requirement Training (DOL, EEOC, ADA)

Safety Training

Our Training & Education Solutions

HR Consultation & Training

StaffScapes can work with you to train your staff—not just your HR team, but supervisors and executives—on issues such as interviewing skills, employee reviews, employee development, disciplinary action, and conflict resolution. We’ll be your advisers in developing training and policies that reduce turnover and minimize legal exposure

Harassment & Discrimination Prevention

We provide the training that helps you keep your workplace free of discrimination and harassment, reducing your potential liability and making sure each member of your team knows they’re treated with dignity and respect.

Government Requirement Training (DOL, EEOC, ADA)

We’ve compiled training resources that help owners, managers, and supervisors steer clear of regulatory difficulties and comply with the law. As laws and regulations change, we keep abreast of them and make sure your training is always current.

Safety Training

Our specialists will design and execute a safety training program adapted to your work environment, which will reduce risk for you and your workforce. We also provide loss prevention guidance, return-to-work assistance, claims mitigation, and accident investigation.

Lifecycle Of Employment Seminar

We created this unique seminar to review the HR functions occurring at each stage of an employee’s time with your company. Topics include hiring, employee reviews, disciplinary actions, development, voluntary or involuntary separation, and the documentation required at each stage.

Why Bring StaffScapes in for Training & Education?

Bringing StaffScapes on as a training and education partner will allow you to do the following:

Reduce Exposure Across the Board

From preventing slips and falls to preventing charges of discrimination, the right training program can greatly reduce your potential liability and protect your greatest asset: your workforce.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

As regulations and workplace best practices change, just keeping your training program up to date can be difficult. Keeping an eye on the ever-changing HR landscape is our full-time job. We’ll ensure that your training adapts every time it needs to.

Reduce Turnover

Studies have found that nearly 80% of employees would rather have better training than a raise. Workers are also far more likely to remain where they feel adequately protected. A robust training program is a signal to everyone in your workforce that you value them as individuals, and that ensures loyalty.

Build a Better Corporate Culture

If your employees know that safety, respect, and personal development are just as much a part of your business goals as profit and growth, your company’s culture will change for the better. A positive learning experience that gives everyone shared values will build esprit de corps!

Maintain Your Focus

When you delegate training tasks to a team that focuses on it full time, you have more time and energy to devote to building your business.