Stay on Top of Constant Changes

Regulatory compliance can be a drain on focus and resources. With help from StaffScapes, compliance and mitigation are made simple – giving you time back in your day.

Compliance and Mitigation

In any given week, the rules governing employee relations and rights can be altered by legislators, bureaucrats, and courts at every level of government, plus professional organizations and more. And it’s not just laws and regulations that shift; as the workforce changes, so should your practices.

Tracking all of this can be a distraction and a time sink, and it’s especially difficult for small or mid-sized businesses. And if you aren’t able to keep up with rapid changes? You’ll soon find yourself out of compliance and facing serious consequences.

The good news is that keeping tabs on the complex and changing world of compliance is our specialty, and so is dealing with the practical issues of compliance, such as assisting with investigations or with defense against legal action.

What’s Included In Compliance & Mitigation?

Proactive Monitoring

Compliance Support in the Workplace

Complaint Investigation

Employee Discipline & Termination

How We Help with Compliance & Mitigation

Proactive Monitoring

As changes arise, our specialists will keep abreast of them and advise you when they affect your business. If your responsibilities change, you’ll know right away.

Compliance Support

In addition to keeping you informed, we’ll assist you in putting the best practices in place with the right policies and procedures and employee training.

Complaint Investigation

When an employee alleges misconduct, we’ll look into the matter. This will help you ensure everything is documented thoroughly, handled with sensitivity and there’s no appearance of bias.

Employee Discipline & Termination

By helping you ensure disciplinary action is handled well and documented fully, we can protect you from litigation and intervention by government agencies. And if legal action does come, we’ll help you gather and present the evidence to mount a successful defense.

Why Trust Your Compliance & Mitigation to StaffScapes?

Bringing StaffScapes on as a compliance partner will allow you to do the following:

Avoid Fines, Lawsuits and Other Troubles

As we monitor the state of the law, keep you apprised, and help you enact solid policies, you’ll stay in compliance and out of trouble.

Avoid Hassles in Your Workplace

With informed compliance support, employee relations are smoother and everyone is on the same page. With the correct approach to discipline, problems can be addressed with minimum trouble and legal exposure.

Maintain Your Focus

Taking compliance off your plate—and your team’s—will allow you to put your focus on the aspects of your business you handle best. 

Count on Support if Trouble Does Arise

When employees allege misconduct, we’ll investigate the matter and give you the information you need to make the right decisions. If you are accused of non-compliance, our team will provide assistance to help you deal with the issue successfully.