A Sudden Change Leads To a Smooth Transition

Business Type: Advertising and Marketing Company
Location: Boulder
Employees: 25


This Denver-based agency assists Fortune 500 companies with creative options as part of their marketing strategy, especially at events. One aspect of the business involves the design of mascots, cartoon figures and balloons often seen flying high above a storefront or at a stadium.


In July, 1999, our client was unceremoniously dropped by their PEO. They had been with this HR outsourcer for several years, but the PEO had been bought by a larger company and our client no longer fit their Profile. “We had one month to find [a new PEO] and interviewed four different companies,” said Lonnie, their CEO. “We chose StaffScapes because they answered all of our questions and they met our budgetary needs. Even better, they are local and respond quickly to our needs.”


StaffScapes reviewed the needs of the agency and quickly partnered with their management staff to make a seamless transition from the previous provider to StaffScapes. After the transition, we continued to provide guidance and handle day-to-day administration of their HR programs.


Together, StaffScapes and this client agency turned a nasty surprise into a smooth transition, ensuring management kept their focus on leading and operations, while employees experienced as little disruption as possible. Almost 20 years later, StaffScapes continues to manage all of their HR issues: Payroll, workers’ compensation, safety training and management. This includes overseeing an employee benefit package which includes flexible spending accounts, medical, and dental insurance.

Hear It From Our Client

“StaffScapes gave us a better deal on our rates, which was important, but it was the service that really impressed us. Jim and his team really did a great job of showing us what they could do. The staff is awesome because they take the mystery out of benefits and workers’ comp. When we call and leave a message the right person calls back promptly. The service StaffScapes provides is great. We are very satisfied with StaffScapes. They’ve done things like have a safety person come out and speak to our staff and they do presentations explaining the benefits packages and how to best utilize them. They explain everything related to human resources so I don’t have to. It saves me a tremendous amount of time. In addition StaffScapes manages all of our human-resources issues from a legal perspective, which is highly time-consuming. StaffScapes handles everything.”—Lonnie, CEO