Reforming Company Culture and Reducing Workers Compensation Costs

Business Type: Holiday Décor Business
Location: Denver
Employees:18 Regular, 60 Seasonal


The mission and vision of this holiday decoration company is to provide holiday delight and wonder for its clients. They specialize in design, manufacturing, set up and tear down of outdoor holiday decorations for landscapes and buildings, and have been a client of StaffScapes for several years.


Frank was an astute businessman who had been running successful businesses for over 25 years when he purchased this established company. Once he took over operations, he discovered some problems.

Frank saw that the culture of the business needed to be improved, but he knew the team of current employees might find change to be difficult; they already had a concern that “everything would be different” with new ownership. There were also language barriers and a very high workers’ compensation modification rate and history. Frank knew he’d need outside assistance to solve these issues.


StaffScapes implemented a risk management program, took over the administration of the workers’ compensation plan and worked with management to create a cohesive team where everyone had input. Through these processes, StaffScapes helped to mitigate noise issues, train management staff and introduced a greater sensitivity to risk into the company culture. Managers learned how to properly identify potential risks and facilitate safety programs.


Some of the staff had been with the company for 10 years and had been fearful of change; they now felt confident in the new direction. Safety awareness improved as did the overall morale of the entire staff. A return-to-work program was put into place and managed by StaffScapes specialists.

One of the more tangible results was a change in the company’s workers’ compensation Modification Rate. It declined from 2.05 to 1.25, saving Frank over $20,000 annually.

Hear It From Our Client

“You can try and sell me on savings, but that’s something that everyone says they will do. Show me how you will help me make more money and I’ll listen. That’s exactly what StaffScapes did and is one of the many reasons I’ve done business with them for so many years. They help me make money!”—Frank, Company Owner