Hassle-Free HR Makes Patients The Priority

Business Type: Medical Clinic
Location: Greely
Employees: 9
Client Since: 2008


This client is a family medical clinic providing care for non-urgent needs on a walk-in basis. The practice was founded by a physician’s assistant with the desire to be compassionate and develop relationships with the patients that needed treatment for everything from the common cold to castings for breaks and fractures.


As a physician’s assistant, Jeremy had a strong desire to help others and put patient treatment first. But that meant someone had to run a busy office, develop policies, handle employee issues, create handbooks and oversee dozens of other details. Plus, when he wasn’t treating patients, he had to focus on marketing and growing the clinic. He just didn’t have the time to get it all done.


Jeremy knew that there was an easy solution to his dilemma, he just had to find it. After doing some research, he discovered the concept of Human Resource Outsourcing. More searching brought him to StaffScapes. With StaffScapes being a local provider, Jeremy felt comfortable in retaining us.


StaffScapes helped Jeremy to cut through all of the mundane tasks he rarely had time to complete. Over time, practices and procedures were completed almost as if on auto pilot. However, even though he wasn’t physically completing the required tasks, Jeremy knew that he was protected from the “little things” becoming “bigger things” because he had a team of Human Resource experts looking out for him and providing the necessary oversight to run a smooth operation. Now, Jeremy doesn’t need to worry about the administration of his HR, and stays totally focused on patient care.

Hear It From Our Client

“I liked the idea of being able to meet the people that would help me take care of my office. It was important to me that the company I chose share the same entrepreneurial spirit. With this, I was confident we would offer the same goal of providing quality service. With StaffScapes, I can focus on my core business, my patients. That’s the real reason I started this business in the first place.”—Jeremy, Physician’s Assistant and Clinic Founder