Restoration Company Avoids Trouble With Expert Guidance

Business Type: Restoration Company
Location: Denver
Employees: 16
Client Since: 2000


This Colorado company responds to locations nationwide when disaster occurs, cleaning up the after effects from fire, floods, and biological/hazmat removal.


Called to duty when disaster strikes, the team must respond at a moments notice. With such a schedule, it’s very difficult to manage office hours and ensure details such as compliance, new hire procedures, terminations, and benefits are handled correctly. Our client needed someone to make sure everything was taken care of when they were on the road.

They evaluated hiring an HR Manager but realized a generalist would not be able to provide expertise in all areas, which could leave them vulnerable. They needed more. So, they turned to StaffScapes to provide the team of experts they required. The decision came just in time. Shortly after partnering with StaffScapes, an employee filed a wage and hour claim with the Department of Labor stating they were owed additional compensation for travel time and off-site working hours.


StaffScapes began with a comprehensive review of the company’s HR practices, and put new procedures in place that not only addressed those issues, but streamlined the HR process. We also helped Rick, the company’s owner, prepare for the wage and hour hearing.


Today, this disaster company weathers the storms by having an efficiently run operation even when thousands of miles away. Rick and his team are able to focus on rebuilding the lives of people everywhere who have been affected by emergencies or natural disasters. He saves large amounts of time because he never has to process payroll or research benefit options for his employees from a hotel room anymore. He can call in payroll hours, and no matter where he and his team are they know their hard-earned money is already available to them via options such as direct deposit.

He also knows StaffScapes’ experience with hearings and their existing relationships with hearing officers for such entities as The Department of Labor will ensure he’s well-defended if a complaint is filed.

Hear It From Our Client

“StaffScapes provided an in-depth review of my practices and identified areas of potential risk. They streamlined procedures and made it easy for me to trust my HR practices were compliant and correct while I was on the road. They even helped me prepare for the Wage and Hour hearing. Their reputation for following the rules and doing things right prevented me from being assessed penalties and interest for the Wage and Hour claim I experienced. Through advanced auditing, StaffScapes identified areas of potential concern which prevented any surprise once the hearing decision was made.”—Rick, Company Owner