Engaging A New Workforce and Enabling Focus

Business Type: Real Estate Firm
Location: Limon
Employees: 10
Client Since: 2010


This client company deals with various areas of real estate, including developing, leasing, sales, and property management. One area of their practices is turning around failing commercial entities, including small hotels. They step in, purchase the property and rehabilitate the business to the point that it can eventually attract buyers.


Our client is often dealing with large mergers and acquisitions. In that environment, day-to-day operational tasks such as Human Resources, payroll, employee relations and benefits can present a great challenge. Integrating the employees from new acquisitions and the sheer amount of work involved in these tasks each present a major challenge by themselves. The firm saw that outsourcing their HR functions would make strong fiscal sense and allow them to focus on the other tasks required to bring the properties back to sellable condition.


During the bid process for a mid-sized hotel in Colorado, the firm built in the costs of outsourcing Human Resources within their funding requirements. They also retained StaffScapes to take over payroll, as well as guide them during the review of the hotel’s Human Resource situation and the changes that would follow.


In just the first few months, StaffScapes was able to streamline the new hire process, educate management on appropriate interactions with employees, and began the process of personalizing the new policies, procedures, and handbook for the hotel. This gave the employees a better work environment than under the previous ownership, while protecting the new owners from potential liability. It also allowed them to focus on the big picture of improving the business.

Hear It From Our Client

“Having StaffScapes on board to help clean up the HR practices made for a perfect partnership with us. We can focus on the fiscal areas of our property acquisitions but can at the same time be confident that we are compliant and that what needs to be done is being done.”—Hal, Firm Partner