Creating the Right Job Listing: Details, Questions, and Information

Filling an open position can prove to be challenging. There’s interviewing to be done, pay rates and salaries to be finalized, and integration with current employees to consider. But before all of this, the first step is creating a job listing. If you need to create one, how can you detail the job correctly and if you have an advert …

The New Era of HR

The ushering in of the millennium brought forth a number of new changes for the workplace. Technological advances, more accountability for companies and management, and a need to foster an inclusive, yet positive company culture for all. Many companies are looking ahead to building more than just a business: they are looking for a way to have an impact on …

Free Yourself From Onboarding Duties So You Can Focus on Recruiting Top Talent

Denver’s current economic boom is creating a rivalrous marketplace where companies are competing to hire the top talent. And While a professional employment organization (PEO) does not help companies with talent acquisition, a PEO can help you with other important tasks associated with the hiring process.

What To Consider Before Drafting a Work-From-Home Office Policy

Offering the option of working remotely is a tactic many businesses are using to obtain top talent. To the dismay of some employers, this trend is here to stay. As an employer considering a remote-working benefit, there are multiple factors to be considered to effectively implement a remote-working policy.

5 Important Questions to Ask When Looking for a PEO.

Finding a PEO can sometimes be a difficult and arduous process. Additionally, it can be a challenge to decide what questions to ask in order to find the best PEO to suit your business needs. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 questions you should ask when searching for a PEO.

How HR is Helping Shape Compliance and Regulations in the Legal Marijuana Industry.

As marijuana legalization continues to grow across the U.S., human resource professionals must figure out how to best adapt to new strict regulations that vary distinctly state-by-state. Many consider these HR professionals who are shifting into pot legalization to be those who are shaping the future of HR practices in the marijuana industry. Keegan Peterson, founder and CEO of Denver’s …

What to Consider When Drafting an Office Pet Policy

If you are currently working with a Denver professional employment organization (a Denver PEO), or you are considering hiring one, there are a myriad of employee issues that spur the need to bring in a PEO. Most recently, pets in the office have become an HR question. Not so many years ago, the idea of bringing pets to work would …

How to Handle Sick Days in the Workplace

How you choose to implement your workplace’s sick days policy can have a large effect on your employees. Employees are continuously asking for more and more time off, which can create staffing and productivity issues. However, being too strict regarding time off can put off current staff and potentially make your business look unappealing to prospective employees. As employees are …

A Poor Company Culture Can and Will Destroy your Brand

A company’s brand is heavily impacted by your office culture. If your culture is transparent, diverse, collaborative, and supportive of employee growth, your brand will be bolstered by your internal atmosphere. If it’s secretive, backstabbing, ego-oriented or hypocritical, it can potentially diminish all that you’ve worked for. From the highest level of management to the front-line employees, culture touches everyone, …

Challenges HR Will Need to Overcome in the Next 10 Years

The Society for Human Resources (SHRM) conducted a survey among human resource (HR) professionals to discover the challenges that employers expect to face in the next 10 years.