How To Fire An Employee: The Best Practices From HR Pros

How To Fire An Employee: The Best Practices From HR Pros When terminating an employee, there are many areas for companies to find themselves at risk. An employee that is performing poorly or violating company policy is not a situation to take lightly, so here are some steps to guide you through how to fire an employee while preventing potential legal …

Written By: Jim Thibodeau

Onboarding, Is It Really That Important?

Imagine showing up to your first day of work and you’re overdressed. You assumed the company was somewhat formal in their dress code but upon arrival, you realize that everyone wears jeans and t-shirts to work. It’s not the end of the world but it still makes you feel awkward. Your manager then shows you to your desk and it’s …

Written By: Jim Thibodeau

Scam season is upon us!

It is the time of year that people are getting tax documents in the mail and the various scam artists are trying to get people to give them information over the phone or via email. StaffScapes would like to take a moment to remind you of a few things that will help you protect yourself from these scams. As the …

Written By: Andrea Westhead

Creative Ways to Recognize Awesome Employees

Companies with strategies to recognize their employees will increase company morale, create stronger working relationships, and lower turnover rates. Implementing employee recognition programs will also likely increase productivity and help to achieve business goals.

Written By: Jim Thibodeau

Millennials Will Propel Your Business

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Millennials were the largest generation in the workforce in 2015.” The training and management of people aged nineteen to thirty-five has been a hot-button in recent years, but even though they are a generation that has been widely studied, they have also been largely misunderstood. Their sheer numbers in the workplace dictate that …

Written By: Jim Thibodeau

Things to Consider When Boosting Your Talent

A 2015 Saba study found that “Sixty percent of HR leaders believed that their companies provide employees with a clear career path; just thirty-six percent of employees agreed.” The takeaway? Your best leaders are eager for more challenges. Feed their ambition. Set tangible goals that will engage them, make them feel valued, and will give a clear indication that they …

Written By: Jim Thibodeau

New FLSA Rule Finally Announced

The Department of Labor (DOL) released its final regulation governing overtime exemptions for the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The new rule affects most employers that have salaried employees with a new threshold of $913 a week for an annual wage of $47,476 per year. If your salaried employees make less than this then you need to track hours and …

Written By: Andrea Westhead

Five Steps To Retaining Millennial Employees

According to the June US Census report, Millennials, (people born between 1982 and 2000) now claim one quarter of the nation’s population. As these 15 to 33 year olds come into their earning years, employers are learning just how different they are from the generations that came before them. The same old workplace culture doesn’t entice them, and retaining them …

Written By: Jim Thibodeau

Employers beware – misclassifying employees could lead to jail time in some states

Pennsylvania Senator Mike Stack has proposed a new state bill to punish Pennsylvania employers who misclassify independent contractors.  These employers are wrongfully avoiding paying overtime, taxes and workers compensation premiums, and excluding these workers from employer sponsored benefits.   His bill (PA Senate Bill 1454) would allow local DA’s to prosecute these employers with punishments including substantial fines and jail time.  …

Written By: Stephanie McCullough

Surviving a Layoff (Employee)

Five tips for both the employer and employee. Part two Employee No one that I know of is comfortable with the thought of preparing for a staff reduction.  Both employers and employees are often placed into unchartered waters.  Everyone has questions and finding or knowing the answers often seems as easy as walking through quicksand.  I have a unique perspective …

Written By: Jim Thibodeau