Common Mistakes of the I-9

Are you sure that you are completing the I-9 form correctly? There are a few common mistakes made on this required form that could end up being very costly.  Fines on this form start at $110 per error and can climb to tens of thousands of dollars per mistake. There are several common mistakes that employers make during the completion of …

Written By: Shannon Briggs

The New I-9

After months of waiting, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) office has finally announced that the revised Employment Eligibility Verification Form, Form I-9, is ready and available for immediate use. For business owners, this means the old version should no longer be used for new hires. The link to the new form can be found here. You can also …

Written By: Stephanie Burns

Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Update

The current I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form expires August 31, 2012. The USCIS has not released an updated I-9, so what are employers to do?  The USCIS has released a notice on their website that states that employers are to continue to use the current version of the I-9 form until an updated version has been released. The full statement reads:  “Until …

Written By: Jake Stratton

New ICE I-9 Audit Initiative Becoming More Aggressive

652 businesses were recently served notices of immigration audits. US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has recently launched their new audit initiative issuing 652 Notices of Inspection. The notices explain that ICE will be inspecting the hiring records of these businesses including auditing I-9 form compliance. The businesses that have been presented a Notice were selected due to complaints and …

Written By: Jake Stratton

Employment Eligibility form I-9

Don’t get rid of your I-9 forms just yet.  The Employment Eligibility verification form I-9 is valid beyond the 06/30/09 expiration date.  The current form you should be using was revised on February 2, 2009 and was effective April 1, 2009.  (Rev. 02/02/09) is at the bottom of the form.  USCIS is waiting for the extension to be approved before …

Written By: StaffScapes

I-9 Form, Employment Eligibility Verification, goes into effect today (April 3, 2009) for all U.S. employers

StaffScapes would like to remind everyone that the revised I-9 Form, Employment Eligibility Verification, goes into effect today (April 3, 2009) for all U.S. employers. Any other I-9 form will no longer be accepted at this time. The revision date (Rev. 02/02/09) is printed on the lower right-hand corner of the form. As discussed in a prior article, the form was …

Written By: StaffScapes

New I-9 form DELAY

I-9 Form delayed US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) delayed the new form until April 3, 2009.  Employers are required to continue to use the Form I-9 (Rev. 06/05/07).  Comments regarding the new form can be submitted in writing until March 4, 2009 by contacting Changes on the new form include no longer allowing expired documents and some documents will be removed and no …

Written By: StaffScapes

New Rules for I-9 Form for 2009

New rules published regarding changes to the Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification. A new interim rule for the Form I-9 has been released from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).  The amended regulations modify the types of acceptable documents that employees may present to their employers for completion of the Form I-9. Under the new rule, employees will no …

Written By: Jake Stratton

New I-9 form issued by Department of Homeland Security

What do I need to know about Form I-9? With a new Form I-9 issued, it is a good idea to review the purpose of it and the requirements as an employer. The Form I-9 is used to help employers verify individuals who are authorized to work in the United States. A form should be completed for every employee that …

Written By: Jim Thibodeau

New Form I-9 Issued

The USCIS has issued a newly dated I-9 form to replace the one that expired on 6/80/08. Go to to get a copy of the new form. Use this form for any employees hired on or after July 1, 2008. The new form will be valid through June 30, 2009.

Written By: Jim Thibodeau