Creative Ways to Recognize Awesome Employees

Companies with strategies to recognize their employees will increase company morale, create stronger working relationships, and lower turnover rates. Implementing employee recognition programs will also likely increase productivity and help to achieve business goals.

Try some of these fun suggestions to enhance your internal company spirit:

Fishing for Compliments:

Keep a fish bowl with scratch paper nearby and have employees write quick notes to fellow co-workers throughout the month. Quick thanks for an extra hand on a project or a job well done can be expressed. Order in an office lunch once a month, read the fishbowl compliments, making sure to keep it fun and lighthearted.

Social Media Recognition:

Why not show your clients how much your company appreciates your own employees? Post pictures and recognize employees for the extras they put forth to make your company successful. Employees would love to be highlighted on your social media page, and clients will love the supportive work environment your company exhibits.

Outside of the Office Recognition:

Is someone running a race or competing in an event? Pull together a group of employees to go and support your fellow co-worker in person during their outside event. A company fan club can go a long way in making employees feel valued and recognized.

Friday Fun Days:

Create ways to celebrate the upcoming weekend. Have Friday theme days and hold competitions that allow for the creative spirit to come out in all. Have a sunglass and shorts day and give awards for the “best dressed.” Employees can get recognized for creativity and have fun by just participating.

Recognize Employee Passions:

Create a passion hour where employees can work on a project they are passionate about. Do they like to volunteer at a nearby hospital, work on a travel blog, bake specialty desserts for the office or just read a book for pleasure? If the company values employees’ passions, then you demonstrate that you value them as unique individuals.

Be creative and keep employee recognition fun. You may be surprised at the increases in motivation and the higher level of job performance that will follow when your employees feel appreciated.

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