Colorado FAMLI


StaffScapes can serve as a valuable partner for small to mid-size businesses when navigating the intricacies of Colorado FAMLI (Family and Medical Leave Insurance), allowing you to focus on your business while ensuring your employees receive the support and benefits they are entitled to under the law. StaffScapes can assist you with Colorado FAMLI in several ways:


1. Compliance Guidance: StaffScapes can provide expertise on Colorado FAMLI regulations, ensuring your company complies with all legal requirements. We will help business owners understand eligibility criteria, employee rights, and employer obligations under the law. StaffScapes will even upload your quarterly payment as your third-party administrator when you participate in the state plan.

2. Policy Implementation: We can help your organization develop and implement policies related to Colorado FAMLI. StaffScapes will help you create procedures for cross-training employees, requesting leave, documenting absences, and managing employee benefits during leave periods.


3. Employee Education: StaffScapes can help you develop material you can distribute to your managers and employees about their rights and benefits under Colorado FAMLI. This might include distributing materials such as brochures, FAQs, and video tutorials to ensure everyone understands when and how to access and utilize FAMLI benefits while following your company policies to request time off. We will also shed light on how an extended absence can impact your remaining employees and how you can show them appreciation


4. Leave Administration: StaffScapes will help you manage the administrative aspects of FAMLI leave. We will suggest ways to track employee absences by utilizing tools in our software, coordinating leave requests, submitting grievances, and ensuring compliance with state regulations regarding leave duration and documentation.


5. Benefit Coordination: StaffScapes will assist with coordinating FAMLI benefits with other employee benefits, such as short-term disability insurance and paid time off, to ensure seamless coverage for employees during leave periods. StaffScapes will also help collect payments for current medical insurance coverage or other benefit coverages the employee may have so there are no lapses in range while the employee is out.


6. Updates and Changes: StaffScapes will keep you informed about any updates or changes to Colorado FAMLI regulations, ensuring your policies and practices remain up-to-date and compliant with evolving legal requirements.


7. Other considerations: If your business utilizes a private plan to fulfill the state requirement, we are still here to help. StaffScapes will support your compliance questions, assist with policy development, provide material for you to use for employee education, assist in benefit coordination when an employee takes leave, and keep you informed of any updates or changes that occur under the law.


Managing your business’s challenges can be overwhelming, but we hope to make it easier when you partner with Staffscapes.