What To Consider Before Drafting a Work-From-Home Office Policy

Offering the option of working remotely is a tactic many businesses are using to obtain top talent. To the dismay of some employers, this trend is here to stay. As an employer considering a remote-working benefit, there are multiple factors to be considered to effectively implement a remote-working policy.

5 Important Questions to Ask When Looking for a PEO.

Finding a PEO can sometimes be a difficult and arduous process. Additionally, it can be a challenge to decide what questions to ask in order to find the best PEO to suit your business needs. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 questions you should ask when searching for a PEO.

What We Wish Our PEO Clients Knew

We’ve been in the PEO business for twenty years. In that time, we’ve learned quite a bit about adding value to our clients’ businesses. Even though we’ve developed a top PEO service, there are still things our clients don’t know about us. We asked our staff–the folks who are on the front lines working closely with our customers every day–to …

2009 Payroll Limits

Quick tips for new limits in 2009 401K – $16,500, catch up $5,500 Social Security – 106,800 Federal Minimum Wage – $6.55,  effective July 24, 2009  $7.25 Colorado Minimum Wage – $7.28 effective January 1, 2009 Health Savings Accounts – $3,000 individual, $5950 family Transportation in a commuter highway vehicle and any transit pass – $120 per month Qualified Parking …

Medicare D Notification

Medicare D Credibility Medicare Part D notice have been sent out to all employees participating in a medical plan administered by StaffScapes.  Notices are required to be sent out by November 15th, 2008.  After determining Credible or NonCredible coverage notices are required to be sent to participants of the medical plan.  For more information on Benefits Administration or Medicare D notices …