Creative Ways to Recognize Awesome Employees

Companies with strategies to recognize their employees will increase company morale, create stronger working relationships, and lower turnover rates. Implementing employee recognition programs will also likely increase productivity and help to achieve business goals.

Millennials Will Propel Your Business

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Millennials were the largest generation in the workforce in 2015.” The training and management of people aged nineteen to thirty-five has been a hot-button in recent years, but even though they are a generation that has been widely studied, they have also been largely misunderstood. Their sheer numbers in the workplace dictate that …

A Poor Company Culture Can and Will Destroy your Brand

A company’s brand is heavily impacted by your office culture. If your culture is transparent, diverse, collaborative, and supportive of employee growth, your brand will be bolstered by your internal atmosphere. If it’s secretive, backstabbing, ego-oriented or hypocritical, it can potentially diminish all that you’ve worked for. From the highest level of management to the front-line employees, culture touches everyone, …

Things to Consider When Boosting Your Talent

A 2015 Saba study found that “Sixty percent of HR leaders believed that their companies provide employees with a clear career path; just thirty-six percent of employees agreed.” The takeaway? Your best leaders are eager for more challenges. Feed their ambition. Set tangible goals that will engage them, make them feel valued, and will give a clear indication that they …

How You Can Compete for Top Recruits

Recruiting top talents requires going deeper than visiting a few college campuses and posting a job ad. Employers should take a hard look at their interview process in order to attract the right employees that will not only have talent but will also fit your company culture.