Recruiting top talents requires going deeper than visiting a few college campuses and posting a job ad. Employers should take a hard look at their interview process in order to attract the right employees that will not only have talent but will also fit your company culture.

The competition for these candidates is tight. Bright companies understand the value of investing in their recruiting process.

Keep these five best practices to snag the perfect candidates:

  1. Communicate Clearly. Communicate clearly and provide all necessary details about the job you are trying to fill. Give the candidate any necessary details regarding the interview such as parking suggestions. Provide them with a point of contact for any questions they may have before the interview.
  2. Build a Compelling Interview Team. Identify individuals that will convey your brand and company values. Include representatives from several relevant departments so diverse perspectives are included in the process. The candidate will gain a more accurate view of the company, and you will be able to assess whether the candidate is a good fit for the company.
  3. Convey The Mission of Your Company. Share your company’s mission and vision. By spending some time talking about your culture, you will show your company in its best light, and the recruit will begin to see how their own values fit or don’t fit with your culture.
  4. Provide an Estimated Salary of The Job Position.  Don’t shy away from advertising a salary range up front. Transparency allows you to avoid spending time on candidates that are not within salary range and allows you to narrow in on the candidates who are within your budget.
  5. Follow-up with Candidates. The hiring process may be someone’s only interaction with your brand. Make sure it is a positive experience, even if they don’t get the job. Providing this kind of clarity will set your company apart.
  6. Seal the Deal. For the potential employee, call them with your offer and provide a date by which they must decline or accept. Upon acceptance, follow-up with a formal written contract or employment agreement.

To be successful in the hiring process use these five best practices to weed out candidates that aren’t a fit early on, and find the recruits that will add value to your business.

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