401K Benefits

Offering 401k plans to enhance your benefits 401K Benefits are available through StaffScapes.  Employees can use 401K plans to save money for retirement and can reduce the amount of money you pay for federal and state taxes.  Contact StaffScapes today to see how to get your plan started today.  StaffScapes is a Professional Employment Organization (PEO) that can provide large …

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PEO Benefits

Making a case for a Professional Employer Organization – PEO It is difficult to change from “the way things have been done.” Here are a few good reasons why it makes sense to talk to a PEO about partnering with, or creating strategies to use a PEO. Consolidation – Reduce the amount of employment related vendors you use, and use …

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Payroll Administration

Lawsuits based on Vacation Pay disputes are on the rise Recent class action lawsuits based on vacation pay have settled for large amounts, attracting plaintiff attorneys’ attention.  In 2006, a staffing agency settled 2 class action lawsuits for more than three million dollars based for denial of vacation benefits. This same company is now facing another class action suit in another …

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Businesses that are in the 8(a) program can now use Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) After numerous meetings by NAPEO with the SBA, the agency has issued procedural notice to its staff and offices clarifying that companies in the 8(a) program can use PEO’s.

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The Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA) has published form M-1 for 2007 The form is almost identical to the 2006 Form M-1 and is due March 1, 2008. As with most tax document, payments and forms that are due on a specific day if that day fall on a weekend it is due the following Monday. So the 2007 M-1 …

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2008 Exempt Employees

Information for those who wish to continue exempt tax status for 2008. For employees who are claiming exempt on their W-4, February 15, 2008, is an important date to keep in mind. If an employee claims exempt on their W-4’s, the employer will not withhold federal tax on their income, however Social Security tax and Medicare will be applied.  Every …

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Unemployment Claims

Unemployment claims dip The labor department reported that 322,000 people filled applications for unemployment claims last week. This is down 15,000 from the week before. Claims dropped for the second straight week surprising many analyst. This is the same trend seen in Colorado as employers are busy hiring once again. During the last week many StaffScapes clients have asked about …

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PEO – Professional Employers Organization

Why should I consider using a PEO? Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) are quickly becoming one of the best ways to handle employment for small to medium sized businesses. Previously called employee leasing, these firms have become more professionaland are widely accepted by regulators.  A PEO takes over all the administrative aspects of being an employer. This includes hiring, progressive discipline, …

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Terminating an Employee

Top Ten Reasons Terminated Employees Sue Their Employers: They don’t know why they were fired. Bad Treatment when fired. Perception of being treated differently from others. Being treated differently by a new supervisor Harassment immediately preceding termination. Employee believes employer doesn’t know the “whole story”. Inadequate investigation of a complaint. Not being treated with loyalty and respect. Loss of control/feeling …

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Colorado Worker’s Compensation

Designated medical provider change. As of January 1, 2008 all Colorado companies must give employees a choice of designated medical provider for a work related injury. The listed providers must be at separate and distinct locations and have no common ownership.  Injured workers must also be allowed to make a one-time change of the treating physician within 90 days of …

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