Human Resources Training & Education


Human Resources Training & Education

Companies of all sizes should have a proactive HR program of employee training and education, but for small companies this can be very time-consuming. In some cases this training is required; in other areas it’s a best practice that can pay dividends down the road when it comes to employer exposure. And in nearly all cases, effective employee education re-enforces a corporate culture that embraces both business goals and employee development.


Successful businesses need effective supervisors and executives. Instruction in leadership and supervisory management techniques is essential since this can reduce turnover and minimize legal exposure. StaffScapes works with its clients to train and consult on issues such as interviewing skills, employee reviews, employee development, disciplinary action and conflict resolution.


Harassment or discrimination situations most often hinge on gender, race, age, religion, national orientation, disabilities and sexual orientation. Employers must keep the workplace free of harassment—and that starts with employee education. StaffScapes provides harassment training and education to reduce the possibility of a hostile work environment and conflict in the workplace.


StaffScapes offers a variety of resources addressing all aspects of government requirements designed to protect employees and classes of employees. Much of this information is compiled in a convenient Client Binder that we produce for our clients that can serve as the core of our training sessions for business owners, managers and supervisors.

As these laws and regulations evolve, StaffScapes will provide you with updated information while also assisting with training and compliance.


“Lifecycle of Employment” is a unique seminar created by StaffScapes to review the HR functions occurring at each stage of an employee’s time with your company. Topics include hiring, employee reviews, disciplinary actions, development, and voluntary or involuntary separation. We also share detailed information regarding documentation required at each stage.


StaffScapes’ Safety Coordinator offers a variety of tools to assist clients with their unique safety training needs. This includes newsletters, videos and on- and off-site training. StaffScapes also provides loss prevention guidance, return to work assistance, claims mitigation and accident investigation services.