Employment Law: Compliance & Mitigation


Employment Law: Compliance & Mitigation

Legal requirements related to employee relations and rights continue to grow more complicated. Unless your company has one or more staff members well-trained in labor and employment law, who also are regularly tracking new laws and regulations, you may quickly find yourself out of compliance and facing disastrous consequences.


To protect your business from fines, penalties and worse due to inadvertent HR-related violations, it is vital to have a partner like StaffScapes who will pro-actively work with you to stay in compliance and reduce your liability exposure. StaffScapes provides timely communication and implementation assistance addressing new laws and other requirements that affect your employees and your HR responsibilities.


Investigating employee complaints can be very time consuming. It requires meticulous documentation and sensitive interviewing all done with careful consideration of legal limitations and compliance. StaffScapes conducts such third party investigations of employee claims and delivers results-oriented feedback.


Employment terminations can involve multiple government regulatory agencies—the Department of Labor and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to name two. To ensure proper employment separations, StaffScapes assists with consultations on disciplinary action and procedures up to and including the separation.