HR Policies & Procedures


HR Policies & Procedures

Creating policies and procedures that are the right fit for your company can be very challenging and time consuming. Consider also the knowledge and experience needed to effectively handle conflict resolution, employment termination and other sensitive employer issues. StaffScapes works with your company to develop, design and implement effective policies and procedures to complement the foundation of your business.

Employee handbook design and delivery

An employee handbook is one of most important and enduring tools for communicating policies and procedures.  It must be written carefully with precise content that anticipates all types of scenarios. Also, since the handbook might be the basis for a new employee’s early impressions of the company, it must set the right constructive, professional tone.

StaffScapes’ experts will draft this material with you, striking the right balance between being technically/legally specific and reinforcing the uniqueness of your company and its people while enhancing your image as a nurturing and progressive company.

Job description development

Job descriptions have many functions that are important to a company. They are helpful for the hiring process, provide guidance and direction for employee performance and define essential job duties. These factors can also be very important to mitigate ADA claims. StaffScapes can develop the right job description for your employees.

Employment policy and procedure compliance assistance

Policies and procedures cannot be created in a vacuum. Many of the elements must conform to requirements in federal and state labor laws. StaffScapes can verify that your policies are in compliance and, as necessary, help you document that fact.

Job performance evaluation and design

Performance evaluation tools must be designed to keep employees motivated and oriented toward job-specific and company-wide goals. StaffScapes will assist with the design and implementation of an effective and relevant job performance evaluation process for your company along with the related documents.