HR Administrative Relief


HR Administrative Relief

Human resource administration has a way of interrupting the daily focus of the members of a business’ leadership team. You can avoid these HR disruptions and burdens by partnering with StaffScapes, allowing you and your team to focus on running and growing your business.

New Hire Reporting and Enrolling

State and federal laws require all companies to report new hires. Hiring triggers an avalanche of documentation tasks, so let StaffScapes handle these processes. And when the employee is on board, we will help with new hire orientation activities.

Record Keeping / Document Retention

The Department of Labor, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Internal Revenue Service and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration are all very interested in your business!  Each has its own unique record keeping and retention requirements. StaffScapes will provide you with the right forms and advise you on the best procedures to meet all these requirements and stay in compliance.

Background Screening and Drug Testing

More and more companies are undertaking thorough background screening to make an informed hiring decision and to verify the information supplied by applicants. Proper screening can help protect your business from poor workers and disruptive employees. StaffScapes will design a screening process that meets your company’s needs and also handle employment verification and pre-employment, post accident, random and on-site drug testing.

Garnishment and Support Order Administration

Managing child support orders, credit garnishments, education garnishments, bankruptcies and other wage orders can be a monumental and tricky task. StaffScapes’ services include employee notification of these orders, payment calculation, deduction compliance and agency notification and response.

Employment Verification

Employment verification is another example of a non revenue-generating administrative task that consumes valuable staff time. StaffScapes can take care of this important function for you in a thorough and professional manner.

Unemployment Filing and Hearing Participation

Unemployment filing can be a significant administrative burden. StaffScapes will respond to all unemployment requests and assist as a representative in unemployment hearings. Our experienced staff members will submit the required documentation and review the claim with your management team to prepare for hearings.