NLRB postpones required employment poster notification

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) employee rights poster that had been released and was to be required by all employers to be posted by April 30, 2012, has been postponed.

This decision is due to district court proceedings in D.C. and South Carolina in which state governments appealed the validity of the NLRB authority to require employers to allow employees the ability to form unions.  Oral arguments before the DC Circuit are slated for September.  We anticipate the issue will most likely go to the Supreme Court.

In accordance with the initial request, StaffScapes recently mailed all clients a laminated copy of this poster to be attached to their current ring of required employment posters.  We ask that you do not post the notification.  If and when changes occur, we will notify everyone.

For questions regarding this poster or its regulations, please contact StaffScapes at 303-466-7864 or  We thank you for your assistance.