Safety in the Workplace

Workplace injuries happen frequently and they can cost thousands of dollars. As an employer, we recommend that you put in place policies, procedures and training programs to help prevent accidents.  At StaffScapes, we deal with workplace injuries frequently with our clients.  Often, employers believe risk management applies to big business and especially those that deal in professions that are high risk such as construction.  However, many of the claims that we see involve small businesses with less than 20 employees and in industries that would normally be viewed as “safe”.  Common injuries include trips and falls, muscle strains and tears, and cuts.  These simple injuries can result in missed work, loss of wages and many additional issues for the employer. 

Here are some key points to consider at your workplace:

• Keep all boxes away from doorways and emergency exits
• When lifting anything off of the floor, squat and lift straight up. Do not bend over to pick the item up
• Do not stand on a chair or box to get an item off of a shelf
• Do not stand on the very top of a ladder
• Don’t run, walk
• Close desk drawers or cabinets to prevent injuries
• Tape down electrical cords that must be in walking paths
• If you see something you feel is unsafe, contact your manager for assistance
• Use chemicals properly and follow all instructions.  This includes standard office cleaning.
• Wipe up all spills
• Only open one cabinet drawer at a time
• Ask for help when moving large or heavy objects
• Always wear protective equipment

These are just a few suggestions. We encourage you to review your safety practices and if you need additional advice or a safety review, please contact StaffScapes today.  We can be reached at 303-466-7864 or