The Hazards of Wearing Accessories at Work

Many of us wear jewelry and other accessories daily and don’t think twice about it.  However, there are risks to your safety when working.  The following are tips to help protect you on the job so fashion does not mix with danger.

1. When operating equipment that have rollers or that are designed to feed objects, be aware of ties and long necklaces.  These items can easily get caught and pull you toward the machine resulting in everything from bruising to strangulation.
2. If working in field operations or around equipment, be aware of any rings you wear and consider taking them off prior to work.  Rings can easily get caught and fingers and/or hands can be bruised, cut, scared or worse, severed.
3. Do not wear long earrings or those that have large hoops that can easily be snagged when working around equipment where you either have to bend to retrieve items or are at the height of your head.  If caught, they can easily be ripped out of your ear and cause tears and infections in your ear lobe.
4. Be sure to wear properly fitted pants.  If worn low for trendy purposes, it is possible to trip and fall causing injuries to many parts of your body.
5. When wearing high heels, be sure to watch your step.  Cracks in pavement, frays in area rugs, holes in carpet and uneven surfaces can be great traps for pointed shoes and could cause you to trip and fall.

By considering your clothing and accessory choices and being aware of your surroundings, you can help in reducing workplace accidents and avoid serious injury from seemingly very simple things.   As a part of the services that StaffScapes offers, we will conduct risk management assessments for our clients to ensure safety on the job.  For more information about these and other services offered by StaffScapes, please call 303-466-7864.