Marijuana in the Workplace

 I am excited that the New Year is only a week away and I live in COLORADO!  I am also glad I did not go to the doctor in past years and try to persuade them that my old climbing back injury was bad enough that I needed a Medical Marijuana card to help with the lingering pain that I …

StaffScapes Holiday Schedule

CHRISTMAS StaffScapes will be closing at noon on Tuesday, December 24th, and closed December 25th in celebration of Christmas. Please note that all hours must be turned in no later than 10 AM, on Tuesday December 24th for the Friday December 27th pay day. NEW YEARS StaffScapes will be closed December 31st in celebration of the New Year. Please note …

2014’s 401(k) Contribution Limit Unchanged at $17,500

The Internal Revenue Service has announced that contribution limits for 401(k) plans and individual retirement accounts will stay the same in 2014. The maximum amount of contributions an employee can make to their 401(k) plan is determined each year by the IRS. “Some pension limitations such as those governing 401(k) plans and IRAs will remain unchanged because the increase in …

Jeremy G.

I liked the idea of being able to meet the people that would help me take care of my office. – Jeremy G.

Hal H.

Having StaffScapes on board to help clean up our HR practices made for a perfect partnership with us. – Hal H.

Rick A.

StaffScapes provided an in-depth review of my practices and identified areas of potential risk. They streamlined procedures and made it easy for me to trust my HR practices were compliant and correct while I was on the road. – Rick A.

Rob M.

StaffScapes worked alongside me to ensure compliance. – Rob M.

Josiah G.

With StaffScapes, I can focus on building my business and let the HR pros handle everything else! – Josiah G.

Frank R.

You can try and sell me on savings, but that’s something that everyone says they will do. Show me how you will help me make more money and I’ll listen. That’s exactly what StaffScapes did and is one of the many reasons I’ve done business with them for so many years. They help me make money! – Frank R.

Lonnie H.

StaffScapes gave us a better deal on our rates, which was important, but it was the service that really impressed us. Jim and his team really did a great job of showing us what they could do. – Lonnie H.