Marijuana in the Workplace

 I am excited that the New Year is only a week away and I live in COLORADO!  I am also glad I did not go to the doctor in past years and try to persuade them that my old climbing back injury was bad enough that I needed a Medical Marijuana card to help with the lingering pain that I sometimes have (LOL). When January 1st comes around I can just walk down to the local pot shop and give them my money and walk away happy.  Now when I show up to the office in the morning with blood shot eyes it will have an all new meaning in 2014.  I wonder what my employer will do?

As a business owner are you ready for this to happen in your work environment?  Do you have an updated handbook and policy to address what you will do? It’s still not too late to make changes to your corporate policy and handbooks. It is up to you how you will set up your drug policy. Are you going to follow state law and allow off-the-job use of marijuana, or will you follow federal rules and restrict any usage?

A couple of things to think about:

How will this affect your product liability or general liability coverage you currently have?

How will this affect your employees’ performance?

How do you detect intoxication?

Check out the Colorado government’s website for more information on the new marijuana laws and learn how your business can react. If your company needs assistance on human resource management, contact StaffScapes and we will help you with all your PEO services.