Worms, Viruses and Trojan Horses… Oh My!

Good and bad news regarding malicious computer programs, or malware.

Bad news first: Hackers are still out there finding new ways to infect your computers. One of the newest methods of spreading their malware is through e-card Trojan Horses. Trojan Horses work exactly like the mythological Trojan Horse.  The malware Trojan Horse is disguised as an electronic greeting card, that once opened infects your computer.

Now on to the good news: The results from a recent study conducted by Computer Economics show a decline of direct cost damages from malware attacks.  Computer Economics attributes this decline to two causes.  The first reason for the decline is due to the greater use of anti-virus and anti-malware technology.  The second reason for the decline is due to a change in the hackers’ motivation.  Instead of focusing on causing havoc and destruction, hackers are now more concerned about using the malware to make money by stealing passwords or creating spam proxies.

To protect yourself from these malware threats use the newest anti-virus software and immediately update these programs when you are notified.  Also never open files or programs sent to you from an unknown source.