What can a PEO do for me?

  1. Are your health benefits and workers’ compensation costs too high?

  2. Would you like “ Fortune 500” style benefit program, which would allow you to attract and retain a higher quality workforce?

  3. Would you like to offer a 401k or pension plan with no administrative costs?

  4. Would you like your company to comply with ERISA, HIPPA, ADA, FMLA, FLSA, COBRA, etc?

  5. Would you like to concentrate on growing your business and let StaffScapes, Inc. deal with headaches of payroll, taxes, benefits and human resources?

StaffScapes provides solutions to every question above.

StaffScapes, Inc. was founded with a singular goal: to offer complete, extensive and cost effective payroll and human resource solutions. Our dedicated team members focus on providing the superior staffing solutions and effective personnel administration that have created one of the most effective employee management organizations available today.

Being a local Colorado company we can assist you with all your staffing needs.

If you answered yes to any of the above and would like to talk to a representative please call 303-466-7864