Winter is still here

With winter still making its mark across the state and with the holiday’s right around the corner StaffScapes wanted to give some timely safety information for Driving in the winter.

Here are tips on how to handle the hazards of driving in the winter snow, ice, rain and fog.

Slippery Roads are roads that are snow packed, wet or icy. In this type of weather you should drive in a low gear, reduce speed to 10-20 below the posted speed limit, try and avoid braking on bridges and overpasses that can re-freeze at the end of days or over night, add an additional 1-2 seconds to your following distance, when changing lanes be ready to loose traction.

When poor visibility occurs which my include fog, and limited daylight you should keep your windshield washer reservoir mostly full, change your wipers so they are not damaged, clean off any excess ice or snow build up when you are stopped, drive with your lights on during dawn and dusk, use low beams in fog, and use your flashers to warn other vehicles when you are going really slow.

Standing water occurs when there is snow pack run-off, and rain storms. During these conditions you need to be aware of splash back and the splash you are creating, maintain a distance from the vehicle in front of you so you have more time to react, stay out of ruts on the road, make sure your tires have good tread, be aware of sand on the roads and how that can increase your stopping distance.

If you have any questions regarding you or your employees driving in the winter wonderland please contact StaffScapes today!