PEO Benefits & Credit Union Perks

One benefit employers and employees have when working with a PEO is credit Union membership.

 The credit unions that StaffScapes provides has a benefit to it’s employees is Community Financial Credit Union. When I logged on I noticed that they are providing holiday loans in place of using a more expensive credit this season. It may be to late to get the loan for gifts but it could be a good tool to use to pay of the higher interest rate credit cards.  More information is below for members and to join just bring in your StaffScapes payroll check and join.

Still time to get an affordable Holiday Loan

Did the holidays creep up on you this year? Need some cash for gifts? Unfortunately, money doesn’t grow on the holiday tree. But, Community Financial Credit Union can help.

Consider a Holiday Loan before you charge up your high-rate credit cards. You’ll save money and the loan will be paid off within a year. The Holiday Loan features a fixed rate as low as 7.99% APR* with terms starting at 12 months. Members may apply in person, over the phone, or online

Community Financial Credit Union