Who are the reindeer on your team?

Tis the Season!  And with the Season, we often find ourselves a little extra stressed out.  Be it from the inability to find the perfect gift or the extra workload to close out the year, we can all use just a little break.  So, with that in mind we wanted to offer a little holiday cheer.  So, we’ve taken the team Santa has assembled and compared it to the personality types we often find working with us on our teams.  Can you pick out your Prancer?

Dasher – The fastest reindeer in the bunch.  He leads the pack and is considered the “go to” guy.  Your Dasher is probably the first to arrive at work and the last to leave. 

Dancer – Elegant and graceful, even in high pressure situations, Dancer  can be counted on to smooth over any difficult situation.  The Dancer on your team is most likely your spokesperson and the person you turn to to diffuse a potentially volatile situation.

Prancer – Have you ever seen a Buck in its herd?  Standing tall and very proud, he is a picture of strength and holds the team together.  He is the glue and within a quality organization will often be the team leader or manager.

Vixen – The name says it all.  This popular reindeer has quite the personality and has the enviable ability to appeal to all groups of people.  Everyone likes Vixen.  She is the one that can get you to agree to plan the company softball tournament even when you hate sports.

Comet – Like the planet, Comet has a quiet strength and is dependable, but is often found in the background.  He is only around others for a short time.  He  shines when near his power source then disappears just as quickly as he appeared. Comet knows what his job is, gets it done and moves on.  Your Comet is probably in a back office and forgotten about until the Seventh inning stretch when his skills are critical to the success of the operation.  

Cupid – Who doesn’t love a little Cupid?  Always sweet, full of love and kindness, Cupid makes even the most difficult hours of delivering gift after gift an enjoyable activity.  You’ll find this person giving out motivational quotes, sending a note just to say hello and looking out for the well-being of everyone on the team. 

Donder – It takes a lot to impress Donder or change his mind.  He has a goal in mind and nothing or no one can derail his progress.  He doesn’t need nor does he want “fluff or fun.”  Just get the task done and move on.  This Type A personality is obvious in the co-worker who resists change and isn’t always up for team activities.

Blitzen – Blitzen concentrates on the goal.  He breaks through all obstacles and oppositions with power and speed.  Nothing will block him from the task at hand.  The Blitzen on your team is most likely your best negotiator.

Rudolph – Impressionable and looking for support, Rudolph is the youngest and most innocent of all.  But when asked to step up, he is always willing to take the reins and get the team where they need to go.  Perhaps your intern, mold and shape them with great leadership and this person will grow to one day be your Dasher or Dancer.