What are the requirements after you have terminated or discharged an employee?

So you have decided to terminate an employee.  What is next?  In the state of Colorado once you have made that decision, you as a client of StaffScapes, since the accounting unit is offsite are required to have that employee’s check cut/processed within 24 hours of the termination unless it takes place on a Friday then you have until the following Monday.  What this means is StaffScapes will need their final hours and any other monies owed to them as soon as possible so that we can get the check cut.  Any deductions from final checks must have a completed deduction authorization signed by the employee.  Once the check is processed we will get it out into the mail either to your place of business or to the home address we have for the employee.  Per the Dept of Labor as long as the check is processed and post marked with in 24 hours of the termination you are compliant within their regulations.  Common misconception is that you can wait until the normal pay date to pay them and in some states that is true but not in Colorado. If an employee quits or resigns in Colorado the final pay is due on the next regular payday.