Secretary of State eliminates mailing paper notices

The Secretary of State for Colorado has announced that they have discontinued mailing paper notices to business owners for required renewals.  These annual renewals are for business entities, trade names and trademarks associated with your business.  Renewal notices are still available via email notification.  To continue to receive reminders for your business, the Secretary of State requires registration at their website, 

A simple link found under “business organizations” on their site will take you to the “email notifications” form required.  Click on” email notification regarding a specific record” and search for your business name or ID number.  Select your ID number and subscribe after entering your email address. Once complete you will receive a confirmation email within one hour.  If for any reason you do not receive your confirmation email, first check your spam or junk folders.  If not there, you can inquire at 303-894-2200 x 2 or email

When you are registered to receive email notifications, you will be notified when your report is due beginning at the start of the three month period in which your report is due. This date is based on the first day of your anniversary for business formation.  As an example, if you formed your business on January 15, the Periodic Report would be due each subsequent year between January 1 and March 31. These reports can be filed up to two months early. If not filed on time, your business will have an additional three months to file a late Periodic Report with an additional late filing fee imposed.

If a Periodic Report is not filed on or before the due date, your status will become “noncompliant”. Should this occur, you will have an additional 3 months to file a late Periodic Report and a late fee will be imposed.  If you still do not file within this extended period, your business registration will become “delinquent”. For more information on when you will receive your notification and when your specific report is due, visit your business summary history page at the Secretary of State web page.