Warning: IRS Increasing Audits for the Next Three Years

IRS will audit 2,000 taxpayers each year for the next three years.

Beginning February 2010, the Internal Revenue Service will begin employment tax audits on 2,000 randomly selected taxpayers (employers) per year for the next three years.  The IRS states that they are conducting this study “to collect data that will allow the IRS to understand the compliance characteristics of employment tax filers”. This means, the IRS is using this three year “study” to find out where employers are not staying in compliance with collecting, reporting, and paying taxes. The IRS also explains that the examinations will be comprehensive in scope. The IRS will not be looking for just a handful of different problem areas, but searching for any and every area of non-compliance. Now is the time to audit your employment compliance practices. Contact StaffScapes to discuss any concerns or problems that you may have.

IRS Will Begin Employment Tax Research Study in February 2010