Unemployment by the number

While reading daily about the jobless claims still rising I can across an article that opened my eyes about the number of claims that have been made. More than 651,000 jobs were cut in February. This added to the unemployment rate which is currently at 8.1%. Here are some stats available by the Census Bureau.

651,000 Jobs were cut in February. This number is larger than the populations of these cities:

*El Paso
*Washington, DC

12.5 million People are unemployed in the US. This number is more than:
*Women attending college
*Male scientist and engineers
*People watching ABC’s show “Lost” this season

12.5 million is also larger than the populations of all 45 states including:

4.4 million jobs have been lost since the start of this recession December 2007. This is larger than the population of the entire San Francisco Bay Area.

2.6 million jobs have been lost in the past four months, which is about the number of senior citizens living in Florida.

8.6 million people have been forced to work part-time for economic reasons. This number is more than the population of New York City and more than the number of people who try to quit smoking every year.

As companies continue to eliminate jobs there is one sector that boosted its employment this last month and that is government.

Source: Unemployment by the numbers: How bad is it Hurting? Fox News.com/0,3566,506405,00.html