Office Safety

Tips on making your Office more safe

The office is a reasonably safe place, but even in the office accidents can happen. You may not even realize what common dangers there are. Here are some tips to help you avoid or correct harms your office could have.

Practice Good Housekeeping:

*Wipe up spills quickly, shut desk drawers completely after use, make sure cords or other debris are not in the walkways

            *Close file cabinets because they are top heavy and can tip over if drawers are left open

            *Keep heavy items stored on lower shelves otherwise they can slide off and hurt someone

            *All flooring and carpet should be kept in good condition. Repair if damaged

Behavior Causes Accidents

            *Never climb on chairs or boxes to reach something

            *Never carry so much that you can not see where you are going

            *Ask for assistance when moving heaving items

            *Do not use unstable work equipment like chairs

            *Do not overload circuits

            *Use extension cords short term

Emergency Procedures

            *Know who to contact and how to start alarms

            *Have a designated place where fire extinguishers are located make sure everyone knows how to use them

            *During an evacuation know at least two different routes and have an appropriate meeting place

            *Do not stop to gather personal possessions

Organize Workstation

            *Make sure your computer is properly adjusted to you

            *Have thing you use frequently close to you so you’re not constantly bending and stretching

Preventing Musculoskeletal Problems

            *Keep your wrist straight when typing on your keyboard

            *Take mini breaks every twenty minutes gazing up from the computer for a few seconds, this will help prevent eyestrain

            *Avoid holding the phone between your head and should. Either hold it in your hand or get a headset if you are constantly taking calls and using the computer at the same time.

These are only some of the cautions you should take. If you have questions please fill free to call StaffScapes, Inc. at 303-466-7864.