Top Eight Work-Related Injuries

As most business owners know, there is always the possibility of something going wrong in the workplace. Work-related injuries fall into this category. Even if every proper safety precaution is in place, accidents can still happen. As unpredictable and unavoidable they might be, several types of common workplace injuries may make employees eligible for workers’ compensation.


What are the top eight work-related injuries? 


Trip, Slip, or Fall: Whether it is a wet tile floor or an unstable ladder, employees in all work environments have the potential to trip, slip, or fall. Falling from high places is common, too.


Employee Attacks: Any violent acts played out by one employee towards another from office disagreements or politics can result in a nasty injury. Maintaining a positive work culture that practices respect and encouragement can help avoid such instances.


Respiratory Issues: Pay attention to the health of your employees. Make sure if they are ever in an environment that could cause respiratory issues such as inhaling toxic fumes, that they have the proper protectant gear, and receive medical attention if the situation calls for it.


Strain Injury: A repetitive strain injury or a muscle strain can occur without warning on the clock. Slipping on the floor without causing a fall can cause a strain injury, as well.


Collision or Crash: From forklifts to vehicles, an accident or crash can quickly happen in the workplace. Make sure as an employer take the proper safety precautions and stress the importance of seat-belts.


Machine Entanglement: This specific injury is more prevalent in work environments that inhabit and utilize heavy machinery and equipment. Typical areas of calculable entanglement include hair, clothing, fingers, and shoes.


Hit by Fallen Object: Many workers can be a victim to gravity. Objects can fall from tops of shelves in offices or various situations in a warehouse-type environment.


Walking into Something: An employee can hurt themselves if they collide with any solid object. Knee, neck, foot, and head injuries are the most common in a workplace when an employee runs into a door, wall, chair, industrial copier, glass window, and so forth.


What steps should you take if a work-related injury occurs?

Before considering the proper post-injury steps to take, make sure your business has employers’ liability insurance if you have employees of any kind, even part-time help. Lack of this type of insurance can result in paying huge fines if a work-related injury takes place.


Immediately after work-related damage occurs, your employee needs to report the injury to you, if possible, then seek medical attention. Make sure you let the health provider know that the injury is work-related. The workers’ compensation process can be a complicated and challenging journey to navigate individually, so your employee will most likely seek to consult with a worker’s compensation attorney.


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