Five Reasons Why Employees Leave the Company

Start-ups, small organizations, and companies of all sizes wrestle with employer retention at one point in time during their business build. It is common for an employer to find an excellent company match during an interview to only be disappointed when the individual leaves before the first 90 days of employment are complete.


What does it take to make an employee stay with a company? Below, you will find five reasons why employees leave the company they work for and what you can do to keep them on-board.


Reason #1: Fickle Stability 

Many start-up companies run into this employer retention issue. When starting a company, there are many times when you might have to become more resourceful than other established organizations. Employees can begin to feel unsteady and uncomfortable with the roller coaster of new business due to a lack of steady staff, salaries, benefits, and culture. An unstable work platform makes it difficult for an employee to envision a bright future with the company down the road.


To help avoid an unstable employee environment, try and avoid any sacrifices or changes to the employees’ lifestyle and expectations in the company. If any problematic situation occurs, and it seems to shake the idea of stability, be sure to communicate each issue clearly and any change along the way.


Reason #2: Negative Workplace Culture

You want your employees to love to come to work, not dread it. Negative workplace culture can quickly force any new employee to run for the hills. Bad management, a lack of work/life balance, little to no employee appreciation, or a respect deficiency can all be toxic characteristics of a poor work environment.


Turn the negative into positive by creating an innovative, comfortable, and creative filled environment that welcomes diversity and proactive thinking.


Reason #3: Micromanaging

Micromanaging is a direct reflection of a manager that exemplifies a lack of trust. Employees cannot correctly grow to their full potential within a company if their boss is always questioning or criticizing their decisions and actions.


Create a less restrictive and stress-free environment by practicing excellent leadership skills such as trusting and guiding your team. Support and applaud employees’ initiatives and allow them to let their confidence beam.


Reason #4: Salary Issues 

There are many reasons why an employer might not be able to provide an employee with more money. Employees commonly switch jobs for salary advancements.


Do your best as an employer to provide a high enough salary to stay on top, or at least on the same level, as your competition. Unless your work culture is beyond desirable, it is difficult to keep quality employees when you struggle to pay them what they at least deserve.


Reason #5: Opportunity Absence

Similar to when employees do not see an increased salary in their near future, the absence of growth opportunity or skill development will make an employee leave, too. Lack of opportunity leads employees often to lose their sense of meaning behind their work output.


A great chance for employers to practice open communication with their employees is through team meetings. Find out what types of circumstances would make employees hopeful and excited to stay and seek growth in the company.

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