Mapping based on feedback is critical to understanding the individuals who make up a workforce. Comprehensive thinking about overall employee experience provides valuable insights into what employees are thinking and feeling while handling customer service tasks and other responsibilities. In this article, we discuss how active employee engagement can help deal with poor motivation, morale issues, and other distractions before they become chronic problems inside an organization.


Employee Experience Models Customer Experience


In recent years, organizations of all types have learned that careful focus on customer experience (CX) provides excellent feedback on improving overall company performance. Similarly, current attention to employee experience (EX) is promoting improved performance and employee satisfaction. EX involves every interaction between employees and the company, from significant impact events to ordinary day to day experiences.


EX optimization involves investing in more than just food and table games. EX requires mapping of employee journeys and personalities to emphasize the development of employment tactics and methods that maximize efficiency and satisfaction. Investment in EX can lead to reduced turnover, improved customer satisfaction and service, and sales/revenue growth.

Employee Experience Still Depends On Corporate Culture


As it relates to EX, corporate culture has everything to do with how an employee feels about their work experience in delivering the productivity expected of them. Unlike the concepts of organizational culture in days gone by, culture, as it relates to EX, has to do with how employees feel empowerment and a sense of purpose in their work.


The key to developing EX through corporate culture is fostering involvement in the company’s mission, its customers, and how it interacts with the world at large. When employees feel that they are part of an organization that has important things to do, they are positioned for quality EX.


Technology Opens Doors to Mapping Employee Experience


Technological advancements have made improvements to work experiences that could not have been imagined in the recent past. In-office work of all types is supported by improved internet and cloud computing tech, all types of software applications, and mobile devices. Employees are now enabled to work remotely at scales and distances that were previously impossible. Companies in every industry are challenged to utilize modern technology in multiple ways to enhance employee productivity and work options.


Physical Space (In-Office and Remote) Directly Affects Employee Experience


Employee performance is impacted by everything in their physical environment, from furniture to lighting, air quality, temperature, sounds (internal and external), and the art hanging on the wall. Employees who are comfortable and satisfied with their physical space are much more likely to be more productive and efficient. Design choices should emphasize comfort, creativity, and motivation. Sufficient technological development also allows remote workers to design and create their physical workspace. For employees who can handle the challenges of working remotely, physical workspace choices greatly enhance employee experience.


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